Campus Living Villages NZ Post-earthquake Restructure

The UC project was proceeding and then the catastrophic earthquake hit Christchurch in NZ on 22 February 2011. The global company had its largest single investment in Christchurch at the University of Canterbury (UC), and the global CEO decided that the Fermoy contract should shift to provide Tom Gregg's services as both CEO and Managing Director/Chair of the NZ company to take the lead in managing the aftermath of the earthquakes, and to restructure the NZ company to better cope with seriously-altered business conditions in NZ following the devastation of the city of Christchurch and the campus of UC. These were (and continue to be) challenging times in Christchurch and for the company there, and the work involved a focus on getting key skills into the Christchurch business, relocating the NZ company head office to Christchurch, and to match costs with the new reality of income to ensure survival of the business in NZ, and to provide the returns required to investors. This was achieved through leadership, and through restructuring decisions being made in a timely way and by assisting with the recovery of UC. The key components of the new company culture were completed by the end of 2011.